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Representation Through the Criminal and Civil Justice Systems

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Federal law provides a right to compensation for survivors who have been depicted in child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Survivors may also be entitled to restitution as part of the criminal justice process. Give the firm a call today and see how these laws may help you.

Sexual Abuse

A number of federal and state laws protect survivors of rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual battery. As an experienced federal and state practitioner, Vanessa knows how to navigate the justice system so trauma survivors can get the help to which they are entitled. Get in touch today and see what remedies may be available to you.

Sex Trafficking

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act provides a way for survivors of sexual exploitation to secure civil damages in federal court for the harms they endured. This statute defines trafficking broadly and applies in any state. Give the firm a call today to see whether this law may be able to help you seek compensation.

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